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BCS Academy Glossary Working Party, BCS Glossary of Computing and ICT (13th Ed), 2013, British Computer Society

D. Gollman, Computer Science 3e, 2010, John Wiley & Sons

B. Hambling, P. van Goethem, User Acceptance Testing, 2013, British Computer Society

R. Hasan, M. Moran, BTEC Applied Science, 2010, Hodder Education

J. Holt, J. Newton, Manager's Guide to IT Law, 2011, British Computer Society

T. Looker, O. Gregson, Teach Yourself Manage Your Stress, 2010, Hodder Education

MSC Industrial Supply Co., The Big Book (sales catalogue), 2013, MSC

J. Napier, A. McFarland, R. White, CCEA GCSE Science Single Award,  2013, Hodder Education

R. Rowlingson, Essential Guide to Home Computer Security, 2011, British Computer Society

C. Rudd, Manager's Bridge Certificate in IT Service Management, 2010, British Computer Society

D. Sang, Teaching Secondary Physics 2e, 2011, Hodder Education

M. Thulasidas, Principles of Quantitative Development, 2010, John Wiley & Sons

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